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Management and Leadership Development Certificate

The Entrepreneurship Pathway of the Business Administration AAS includes courses that will expose students to the foundations of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is the engine that drives the US economy, and every business was started by an entrepreneur. Whether your goal is to start a restaurant, accounting firm, or the next big on line social media blockbuster, this program is for you. Learn what it takes to be an entrepreneur, how to finance your start­up, develop your business plan, and increase your chances for success.

Management & Leadership Development certificate awarded after ADM-188, MGT-110, MGT-170, SOC-114.

Selling Strategies certificate awarded after MKT-110, BUS-180, MKT-140, SMM-108.

Small Business Startup certificate awarded after BUS-141, MKT-110, BUS-150, SMM-108.

*Certificates can be earned one time.

Summary Sheet

The summary sheet provides a program overview and other information.

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Curriculum Sequence

Course Title Credit
ADM-188 Project and Event Management 3
SOC-114 Conflict Resolution in the Workplace 3
MGT-110 Small Business Management 3
MGT-170 Human Resource Management 3

ADM-188 - Project and Event Management

Lecture: 2

Lab: 2

Credit: 3

Using a project-based approach, this course is designed for business and management/marketing majors, entrepreneurs, administrative staff, and those that are organized, resourceful and enjoy multitasking. Project management, business/event promotion and critical thinking skills will be developed. Technology will be used to coordinate essential activities including travel and event logistics, budgeting, video conferencing, scheduling and the creation of promotional materials.

SOC-114 - Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

Lecture: 3

Credit: 3

Conflict Resolution in the Workplace will study conflict resolution theories and applications in the workplace. The course will provide students with the opportunity to develop their own effective interpersonal conflict resolution skills as well as skills needed to help employees resolve their conflicts with one another and the skills needed to negotiate contracts. Students will also be introduced to theories and skills needed to apply culturally sensitive principles to conflict resolution.

MGT-110 - Small Business Management

Lecture: 3

Credit: 3

This course introduces the student to various types of small business opportunities. Students will use concepts from the course to develop a business plan designed to guide the startup of a new business. The course also covers topics relevant to small business management, and regulations.

MGT-170 - Human Resource Management

Lecture: 3

Credit: 3

This course provides an overview of the principles involved in human resources management including strategy, legal environment, EEO, and job analysis and job design. Also covered are acquiring human resources, training and developing employees, compensation issues and labor relations.

Ashlee Spannagel - Dean of Career & Technical Education & Workforce Development